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About Winnie

Hi, my name is Winnie. I’m a freelance website developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Born and raised as a local Chinese, I’ve been drinking tea with my family every night since young. I love tea. I’ve just discovered blooming tea recently, and I can’t get over how exquisite it looks!

Founded in 2019, is inspired to be an honest platform for tea lovers to review and comment on their favorite tea. My aim is to introduce and inspire the audience to try out new teas and to experience new things in life.

Discovering Blooming Flower Tea

One day, when I was walking around my favorite shopping mall, I came across a newly renovated tea house. Its renovation caught my eyes as it has a very modern look. It’s sort of like a mix between a cafe and a bar to me. There is a beautiful marble counter next to the cashier and there’s also a ‘beer’ tap. However, instead of serving beer, they were serving tea!

As I was checking out their products over the counter, I saw bottles of “cold brewed tea”, which was an interesting concept. We usually drink tea while it’s hot, not icy cold. Another thing is, there was also a beautifully bloomed flower tea served in an elegant wine glass. I remembered thinking to myself, oh my god, that’s so beautiful!! This is the beginning of my love story with blooming flower tea.

Not Every Blooming Flower Tea Is The Same

Some few months later, my husband received a can of blooming tea balls as Christmas gift. I was very excited to show this beautiful experience to my friends during the Christmas party. After boiling hot water and getting the wine glass ready, we dropped the blooming tea ball to the bottom of the glass. We got our camera out, all ready to film this beautiful blooming process.

After a long 5 minutes wait, the tea ball slowly opened up into a messy bush. 10 minutes later, the flower never really bloomed… The petals were half closed and it didn’t look lively. We had to swirl the hot water around for a few times before we manage to see the flower that was hidden inside. It was a far cry from the blooming tea that I had experienced in the tea house.

Frankly, I was disappointed, and so were my friends. I now know that not all blooming tea balls are great. I wow to never repeat this experience again.. and started my journey to look for the world’s most beautifully crafted artisan blooming flower tea.

In Search for the Best Blooming Flower Tea

To save the rest of the world from having the go through the same disappointing experience that my friends and I had, I will be doing research, trying out and reviewing all kinds of blooming flower tea available in the market. will be a place for me to share my experience and learning 🙂

If you have any recommendations or questions, feel free to either contact me at or leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to hear from you.


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  1. Hi Winnie – I agree that when you want to do this at home, you need to find the right product! I am a big fan of fresh and flower-based tea and I have had some amazing experiences with small rolled blooms unravelling in a tea pot. I was taken as a guest to a Taiwanese Temple where I had the Oolong Tea Ceremony with the Buddhist Abbess – it was a beautiful, calming and enlightening ceremony whereby life becomes simple and it’s all about the tea.

    I look forward to reading about your adventures with Blooming Tea and also learning where I can find the best – thank you!

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