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Elegant Tea Party Ideas You’ll Love

Spring Flowers

Spring has just arrived for most people living in the northern atmosphere, and what better way to celebrate the season of blooming flowers than throwing our very own elegant tea party?

There’s no better time to reconnect with your friends who might have been hibernating at home throughout the harsh winter. Or maybe, you just need the perfect excuse to start wearing the beautiful sundress that you’ve been eyeing all over winter.

Doesn’t matter what your reason is, a spring gathering is in order! Below I’ve compiled a list of my favourite elegant tea party ideas. I hope that you’re going to love them as much as I do 🙂

Inviting Your Friends To Your Elegant Tea Party

I understand that in this day and age, social media is THE communication tool we use 🙂

Everyone’s scrolling through their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds all the time. Invitations are sent out and RSVP over a single click. Therefore, we can easily make a great impression by using graceful invitation cards!

  1. The Exquisite Wax Sealed Invitations

    Most people stopped using paper invitations altogether because it’s just simply way too troublesome to buy, write, seal and then mail it out.

    That being said, there’s just no denying that there’s a certain old-world charm linked to a piece of weighted paper, decorated with neat cursive writings and sealed using wax stamping.

    Wax Seal Stamp to seal your tea party invitation cards
  2. Elegant Letter Pressed Invitations

    If you have more budget, you can even consider sending out letterpressed invitations!

I’ve never received such fancy invitations. But if I did, I think it’ll make me feel like a very important guest!

Setting Up Your Table With Fresh Flower

Table setup ideas for your elegant tea partyFlower arrangement, in my opinion, is the centerpiece of any tea party settings.

Consider picking flowers that fall in the soft pastel color palette for a more elegant and stylish look. Anything in white, pink or cream color is fitting.

If you’re looking for the fancy, fine dining look, consider investing in a thick white table cloth.

Otherwise, you can also just use your wooden dining table or a marble countertop for a more contemporary look.

We can just make use of what we have at home for a more casual feel.

Food & Drinks Suggestion For Your Afternoon Tea Party

  1. Classic Simple Tea Sandwiches

    As for the food, you can always prepare some light tea sandwiches using plain old egg and mayonnaise or tuna. You can never go wrong using simple ingredients. Simply cut the sides of the bread to make it look more presentable and elegant.

  2. Easy Afternoon Tea Sweets Bites

    For some of you who like to bake, feel free to put in a variety of desserts. You can consider putting in cupcakes, cookies, mini croissants, or even fruits for a healthier option. I’ve seen some really creative ways to decorate using fruits.

  3. Bake Your Favorite Teacake To Share

    Alternatively, you can also consider buying just one big cake to share with everyone over tea. The choice is all yours. You don’t need to follow a certain standard in order to have an elegant tea party. It’s all about having a good time, good conversation, and making good memories with people around us.

    Tea Party Food and drink ideas that look elegant
  4. Charming Blooming Tea To Rave Your Guests

    For the ultimate conversation piece, consider introducing blooming tea to your guests! It’s a flower tea that blooms in your teacup 🙂 There is no better way to celebrate spring than watching flowers bloom right in front of our eyes in a mere 5 minutes!

Teapots & Cups

  1. Grandma’s China

    If you have any heirloom or grandma’s China that is carefully locked away in a display cabinet, now is the time to bring it out. While some people are afraid to use it because of the fragility of each piece, I like to focus on celebrating the beautiful artwork. I prefer to make new memories using old items to give them a new life.

  2. Mason Jar With Edible Flower Ice Cubes

    If you don’t have China at home, you can also choose to use glassware. For example, if you have mason jars at home, you can contemplate making ice tea in it.

    You can also add in some frozen edible flower cubes for that extra touch of creativity. You can check out Martha Stewart’s Floral Ice Cubes recipe for more inspiration.

    edible flower ice cubes
    Martha Stewart’s Floral Ice Cubes Project

  3. Serve Blooming Tea in Wine Glasses

    Otherwise, you can also bring out your wine glasses to make blooming tea. You can find instructions on how to make blooming tea here.

    blooming tea wine glasses
  4. Multi-tiered Cake Stands

    Last but not least, we will also need a 3-tiered cake stand to place any food or desserts. Alternatively, you can also stack up cups and saucers to form the tiers. Stacking breakable items would not be advisable if you have kids running around the tables.

That’s all from me today. I wish you a very happy spring and a lovely year ahead!

Let me know in the comments below if you like our elegant tea party ideas 🙂

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