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Wondering Where to Buy Blooming Tea? Here are Some Suggestions.

Blooming Tea, an artisan tea originated from China, gained popularity among Western world during the early 2000s. It has been a global favorite since then. It is such a lovely and elegant tea that Sofia Coppola made blooming tea the royal gift from the emperor of China in her movie, Marie Antoinette (2006).

In the following video, the French queen, Marie Antoinette impresses her brother by making Jasmine tea that “blooms” in his cup.

This scene isn’t historically accurate however since blooming tea wasn’t really invented until the 1990s. Besides the big movie screen, blooming tea was also recently featured in various platforms including the Business Insider. This is where I was first introduced to this elegant tea.

Today, you can source for blooming tea both online or offline. Some local tea shops do carry a small selection of blooming tea, and usually, it’s the Jasmine Blooming Tea. I personally prefer to source for quality blooming tea online as it’s easier to find. I also like to check out customer reviews prior to making a purchase. Below I’ve compiled a list of blooming tea stores so that you know where to buy blooming tea.

1. Purple Cane Blooming Tea, Malaysia.

Purple cane is a tea shop located in Malaysia. I had my first blooming tea experience in one of their tea bars. It was a great experience. The tea barista is very knowledgeable and she taught me many things about blooming tea. I later wrote them down in my article titled how to make blooming tea. The drink was slightly overpriced in my opinion but I’m OK with it since it was good. As they say, the price is what you pay, the value is what you get! You can purchase blooming tea from their online store here. They do provide international shipping!

2. Award Winning Flora Tea, UK.

Based in Glasgow, Flora Tea Company UK Limited is a wholesaler and online retailer of award-winning flowering teas (i.e. blooming tea). They have a wide selection of blooming teas available for sale. Due to recent traffic spike from the viral Business Insider video, they are currently having some challenges dispatching orders in time. You might want to wait until that announcement is removed from their website before ordering it.

I have not tried ordering blooming tea from them, but its quality looks quite good in the video above. Do let me know how it is in the comment if you’ve had a chance to try their Flora Tea (I.e flowering tea, blooming tea).

3. Tea Bloom, The Flowering Tea Specialist in the USA.

Unlike most of the tea houses listed above, Tea Bloom is 100% focused on selling blooming tea. It’s not surprising that Tea Bloom is one of the best-sellers on Amazon for this particular niche product. They also have a wide selection of glass teapots and beautiful gift packaging for your loved ones. I like to think that they are very much motivated to keep their blooming tea qualities top-notch in order to stay in business.

4. Numi Fair Trade Organic Flowering Tea, USA.

Numi sells premium, organic flowering teas that are handmade from community tea gardens in China. They also sell glass teapot sets as part of the flowering tea gift set. Numi is available online on multiple places such as Amazon. You can also find them at your local Whole Foods Market across the US.

After scrolling through the Amazon reviews, I learn that the blooming tea quality from Numi may not be consistent. That being said, it still has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating among 968 reviews. I will still give it a try seeing that it’s a fair trade product. I don’t mind supporting the hardworking tea farmers!

5. Sourcing Blooming Tea Directly from China.

If you can read Chinese and are super adventurous, you can always choose to source for blooming tea in Alibaba’s consumer marketplace, known as After much digging around, I found a legit tea merchant that has been in the tea plantation and processing business since 1994. After scrolling through numerous reviews, I learn that this company has been consistently selling good quality blooming tea. You can check them out at this link.

For those who are familiar with Jack Ma, is Alibaba’s global consumer marketplace. There are merchants selling blooming tea up there as well, but it doesn’t look as solid as the TaoBao merchant that I found above. I might try ordering from AliExpress one of these days just to see what the quality is like.

Your Favorite Blooming Tea Store Is Not In The List? Let Me know!

This is the current list of blooming tea stores that I want to try ordering from. I try to cover blooming tea available in various markets so that it’s convenient for you to purchase your blooming tea regardless of where you are from.

If your personal favorite is not on this list, do leave a comment below so that I can try it out as well 🙂 I’m pretty excited to start my journey in search of the best blooming tea available.

10 thoughts on “Wondering Where to Buy Blooming Tea? Here are Some Suggestions.”

  1. First of all, for someone that doesn’t really know too much about blooming tea, you did an awesome job in catching my interest 🙂 Love this article.

    I can’t help but feel infatuated by the way it blooms, especially the flora tea,I am literally in awe, you can bet I will share this to my mom, she loves flowers!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Isaac, glad to hear that you love blooming tea 🙂 I’m sure your mom will like it. Blooming tea is also a very good gifting idea 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Just wanted to say what a delightful site, and what an amazingly beautiful and elegant beverage the blooming tea is. The skill is astounding. Does the tea have any health properties or is it just a visual display?
    Do you plan to market the tea in the US? I went to your link to the tea merchant but unfortunately I can’t read Chinese.
    Thank you

    • Hi, blooming tea is made of tea leaves that have many health benefits. Therefore, blooming tea is both healthy and pretty 🙂 That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

      There are many merchants selling blooming tea on Amazon in the US as well. I will go back to highlight those links. Thanks for bringing it up!

  3. Oh WOW! This is a beautiful thing! I know two devoted tea drinkers who will love this and so do I. Thank you for sharing and bringing them to my attention. What a glorious and unique gift. Cheers

  4. Check out They are the only people who do custom flavored Blooming Tea – 10 Teas, 60 Flavors, any flavor (or combination of up to 4 flavors) on any tea, minimum is 1 lb (about 50 pieces), 1 piece, 2,piece, 10 piece and larger sample sets are available as well

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