Hi, my name is Winnie. Like most girls, I enjoy receiving flowers. It always brings a huge smile to my face when my husband surprises me with a big bouquet of fresh flowers.

Imagine my excitement when I first discovered blooming tea, a flower that actually blooms in tea!

I immediately went online to buy myself a pack of blooming tea, wanting to test out if it actually works!

Not Every Blooming Flower Tea Is Equally Well Made

After receiving my shopping parcel, I immediately went boiling hot water in the kitchen and getting my wine glass ready.

After a steeping blooming tea for 5 minutes, the tea ball slowly opened up into a messy bush. 10 minutes later, the flower never really bloomed… The petals were half-closed and it didn’t look happy. It was a far cry from the blooming tea video that I saw online.

Not wanting to give up on this, I ordered for more blooming tea online.

In Search for the Best Blooming Flower Tea

To save the rest of the world from having to go through the same disappointing experience that I had, I will be doing research, trying out and reviewing all kinds of blooming flower tea available in the market. MyBloomingTea.com will be a place for me to share my experience and learning 🙂

If you have any recommendations or questions, feel free to either contact me at winnie@mybloomingtea.com or leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to hear from you.


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  1. Hi Winnie – I agree that when you want to do this at home, you need to find the right product! I am a big fan of fresh and flower-based tea and I have had some amazing experiences with small rolled blooms unravelling in a tea pot. I was taken as a guest to a Taiwanese Temple where I had the Oolong Tea Ceremony with the Buddhist Abbess – it was a beautiful, calming and enlightening ceremony whereby life becomes simple and it’s all about the tea.

    I look forward to reading about your adventures with Blooming Tea and also learning where I can find the best – thank you!


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